Create your own Coronavirus Time Capsule

We think it’s fair to say that this time of COVID-19 has been like no other. A world in lockdown, and its effects on schools, communities, key workers… well just about everybody, have been huge. We’ve heard the word ‘unprecedented’ too many times to count, and many of us are dreaming of the time when we can hug our families, see our friends and walk down the road without avoiding people on the same side.

And whilst this situation might continue for a while longer, there will be a time where we’ll look back and reflect, thinking about when we spent all day at home with our children, home schooling, making the most of our daily dose of exercise, or how we pulled together in our communities. Whatever it is, you may well want to have something to look back on…

…Introducing our COVID-19 time capsule

Admittedly, we’ve designed this one for children, either to keep it as a book for later on, or use it as a time capsule, there’s plenty of things to capture the moment we’re currently experiencing. Stick in photos, colour in the pages, write about experiences and more. Simply download and print your copy today.

If you’ve not got a printer at home, or you want to make your own adults version (without the school information), use ours as a guide and make a scrap book of your photos, current feelings and favourite moments. You could also include a timeline of events from when this all started.