COVID-secure re-opening checklist

We’ve previously written about how you get your business COVID-secure, which you can check out here. In this article, we provide a bullet point checklist to help you with getting ready and how to protect your staff and customers.

  • Opening times – what will your opening times be and how will you accommodate vulnerable customers or clients? Will you operate an online booking system?
  • Consider and agree how many customers will be allowed on site/within the premises
  • COVID-19 social distancing signs and floor stickers – have you displayed these internally and externally for employees and customers?
  • Consider and implement footfall management strategies – how will customers or employees move around the premises to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to? Limit entrance and exit points
  • Consider contactless payment methods
  • How will you deal with customer returns? How can you arrange a contactless returns process?
  • Identify cleaning stations, ideally at the entrance and exits of premises and place cleaning products and sanitisers appropriately
  • If you have customer facing colleagues, have you provided them with PPE or protection screens? Arrange seating so that customers or clients aren’t sat within 2 meters of each other
  • Communicate with suppliers as to how you’ll receive deliveries:
    • Limit the number of handlers
    • Ensure social distancing
    • Agree timings
  • Implement regular cleaning protocols, spraying down regular touch points on the premises and staff rooms
  • Reduce high touch points – these could range from vending machines to in-store produce. Either remove or put up signs to avoid contact with merchandise
  • For businesses where customers will need to test or touch items of purchase, such as motor trade, consider disposable items such as gloves or seat covers and clean thoroughly after

For full help and guidance on ensuring your business is COVID-secure, check official sources: