Classic Van Insurance

As the owner of a classic van, you will want to make sure it is adequately insured. However, many classic car insurers will not offer quotes for classic van insurance and many specialist van insurers will not quote for classic vehicles! You end up caught in the crossfire of how insurance companies define a classic van.

Even if you do find a provider of classic van insurance, you may find that the price you are quoted is a lot higher than you expected. Unless you are dealing with someone with the correct expertise, many insurance companies find it difficult to make an accurate valuation or they end up recommending an unsuitable policy that won’t cover you in the event of making a claim.

How to get classic van insurance

A-Plan runs a number of specialist classic van insurance schemes for vintage enthusiasts. We are able to pick the best policy for your needs from our panel of classic van insurers, searching through the different age classifications and terms and conditions to get you the best deal. For example, some insurers will define a classic van as over 20 years old, while others, the limit is 25 years. More importantly, however, is how you intend to use the vehicle, how rare it is and whether there have been any modifications.

If you intend to use your classic van for commercial purposes, you will need a policy that covers you for business use. If it is used just for fun, a different insurance classification will apply. The risks of attending events and rallies also need to be considered.

You may also want to think about an agreed-value policy. Rather than paying out market value in the event of a claim, the policy is calculated to cover your classic van to a value determined between yourself, the insurer and an independent valuer. At our Thatcham Schemes specialist centre, the team knows this market inside out and understands the particular requirements of classic van enthusiasts. As many of our staff are classic vehicle fans and owners themselves, you can be sure you are dealing with someone who knows almost as much about your van as you do and that we will get you the best cover available.

Shop around for classic van insurance

With A-Plan doing the leg work for you, there is no need to shop around

To find the right policy for you and to save you money, we take your needs and driving experience into consideration, tailoring your policy to your precise requirements.

Our tailor-made policies can include:

  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Agreed value
  • UK & European breakdown
  • Classic van club member discounts
  • Multi-vehicle & more…

Get in touch today and talk to our expert advisors to get a quote for the right classic van insurance, at the right price.