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Social Distancing Walk - durdle door
18 Mar

Social Distancing – What can you do?

Social Distancing – What it Means Following the recent announcement from the Government, advising people should only go out if they are shopping for basic necessities (as infrequently as possible), taking one form of exercise a day, any medical need or to help a vulnerable person, or travelling to work where it’s absolutely necessary. If

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New Years Resolutions
22 Jan

How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions. Happy New Year! If you’ve started 2020 with a list of resolutions for the year ahead, you’re not alone. According to research, around 60% of us make resolutions at the start of the year – but only around 8% of

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20 Jan

Blue Monday: 5 ways to beat the dreaded ‘January blues’

Did you know that 20 January is dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ because it’s officially the most depressing day of the year? The third Monday in January is apparently the time when we’re at our most gloomy, and that’s down to a number of factors including the weather, debt, low motivation and early failure of New Year’s

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02 Dec

Life Insurance – under the spotlight

Could your life insurance cost you less than you think? What is a Life Insurance policy? Quite simply, it pays out a tax-free cash lump sum to your loved ones should you pass away. It can provide peace of mind that your family will be financially safe if the worst should happen. The money can

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over 50s
27 Sep

Over 50s – Under the Spotlight

What is an Over 50s product and is it right for you? Over 50s Life Insurance is a type of life insurance for anyone aged over 50 (up to the age of 80). You pay for this type of insurance with regular monthly payments and quite simply when you die it pays out a pre-agreed

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key person
17 Sep

Key Person Cover – unlock the detail and find out more

Wifi, premises, tools, electricity, coffee and laptops are all things mentioned when you ask anyone in business what is essential to keeping things running. But what about key people? What about key men and woman that are essential to your business turning a profit? Just what would you do without them? How would your business

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25 Jul

Just what is keeping Brits up at night?

According to research by Bupa, 32 million Brits wake up worrying. If our mind is worrying it will not let us sleep, and waking up in the night can leave you tired, irritable and unable to concentrate. So just what keeps us awake? The same research by Bupa states that the number one thing that

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gig worker
10 Jul

The rise of the GIG worker

A fairly recent term that is often used in the press is a GIG worker, but just what does this mean? According to one definition it is a “labour market characterised by the prevalence of short -term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs.” It’s estimated in the UK that five million people

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life insurance
21 Mar

Why you should place your life insurance policy in trust

One of the main aims of future planning is to ensure financial security for your family and beneficiaries in case of your death. Life insurance is an ideal way to do this. Losing a partner or parent is one of the most harrowing experiences in life but fighting for a life insurance payout at the

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empty nesters
08 Nov

How insurance needs change at different life stages: Empty Nesters

In the second of a series of articles, we look at how your insurance needs may change over your lifetime: Empty nesters and families with grown up children Your family’s insurance needs and obligations will evolve over time. Periodically reviewing those needs is necessary to ensure that you and your dependents are properly protected. Car

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