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taxi insurance
13 Apr

The taxi of Mum and Dad

“I’m not a taxi” is a familiar cry from parents all around the country! However, a poll commissioned by Goodyear* in 2014 found that parents clock up nearly 27,000 miles during their childrens’ lifetime, just by ferrying them around, equivalent to 3,147 hours in the driving seat. The average mum and dad clocks up around

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teen drivers
18 Feb

How telematics insurance can help young drivers

What is telematics also known as Black Box insurance? Telematics involves a black box being fitted to your vehicle which uses satellite technology to assess speed, braking, acceleration, cornering and the time of day journeys are made. Some telematics or black box insurance policies also operate a curfew with an excess premium charged if the

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06 Jan

The Pitfalls of Potholes

Did you know that potholes are estimated to cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads and cost motorists an estimated £730 million every year? Here are some tips to avoid them, minimise damage if you do hit one and what to do if your car is damaged by one: A

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26 Nov

Tips on driving safely this winter

Eyes on the prize! Be sure to keep your eyes on the road at all times to avoid an accident. Though you should do this throughout the year, it’s imperative that you do it during the winter. This can help you notice icy spots before you slide across them. Pack lots of entertainment! If you

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08 Jul

What to do if you’re involved in an accident

It’s the situation nobody wants to find themselves in, but accidents inevitably do happen, and knowing what to do if you’re ever involved in one will help you stay calm. Today we’re going to look at what you need to do to ensure that you’ll stay on the right side of the law, and how

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18 Jun

Driving licences have changed – here’s what you need to know

As of the 8th of June, driving licences have undergone a few changes. Read this post to learn about what’s changed and how it affects you. The paper counterpart to your driving licence is no longer valid In order to simplify the way driving licences are issued and checked, the big change is that the

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14 Jun

Some driving tests are tougher than others…

Some driving tests are tougher than others… …but you’re better off in the long-run if you take a tougher test. Every driver remembers the terror of taking their driving test, but it would seem that some of us have it worse than others. The test requirements are the same no matter where you take your

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