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22 Jul

Finding the best fuel prices in your area

In May we saw a record fall in the cost of fuel – according to the Office of National Statistics, prices at the petrol pump reduced by 16.7%, contributing to a slowdown in the rate of inflation. However, in the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen prices starting to rise again as more drivers return

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30 Jun

Things to do this summer for motor enthusiasts

As one of the headline sponsors of this year’s Supercar Weekend hosted at Beaulieu, A-Plan were due to have a stand at the event on 8-9 August but unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this event has been cancelled. But for motor enthusiasts, there’s still plenty to do. Not only has Beaulieu opened its gardens again, it

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finance lease agreements mileage calculator
05 Mar

Finance Lease Agreements – How to Accurately Calculate your Mileage.

When considering vehicle contract hire or finance lease agreements, be mindful of your anticipated annual mileage. Get this wrong and that fantastic deal may not be as fantastic as you think…. Making the simplest of mistakes or miscalculations can be extremely costly to you and/or your business. Simple elements like ‘excess mileage charges’ can spiral to £100s and

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22 Feb

2020 MOT checklist

When your car reaches the age of three, you’ll need to make sure it goes for its annual MOT. The test isn’t expensive (it should cost no more than £54.85 for cars and £29.65 for motorbikes), but it’s a legal requirement. While a fail isn’t the end of the world, as it’s usually just a

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19 Feb

Tips for driving safely with your pets

Travel sickness, dog-seatbelts, anxiety and space can be big problems when travelling with pets. It can be tempting to ditch the contraptions and medicines and just let your dog sit on your lap while you drive. According to a recent survey by Opinium, two thirds (69%) of drivers have travelled with a pet in their

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10 Feb

Smart motorways – What to do if you breakdown on one

What to do if you breakdown on a smart motorway Smart motorways have been hitting the headlines recently, and not for a good reason. Figures show that 38 people have died on them in the last five years. Campaigners have called into question the safety of using the hard shoulder as an extra lane to

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22 Jan

What Not to Leave in your Car During Freezing Weather.

As January’s arctic blast causes UK temperatures to plummet to sub-zero, don’t be tempted to leave the following items in your car overnight (as you make a quick dash into your warm and toasty home!): Electronic Devices with Lithium Batteries. Apple recommends not exposing an iPhone, iPad or laptop to temperatures below -4 degrees Celsius;

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27 Nov

The UK’s top driving fear: other drivers

Top driving fear What’s the thing you’re most concerned about when you get behind the wheel? Breaking down, perhaps? Running out of fuel? Hitting a pothole? According to new research by the RAC, the UK’s top driving fear: other drivers. The RAC’s Report on Motoring found bad driving behaviour by fellow motorists is the thing

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13 Nov

L-Plates: what are the rules?

Do you know the rules? We’re all familiar with the red ‘L’-plates that signify a learner driver. Do you know about the rules for displaying them? What about ‘P’-plates? Here are the dos and don’ts of displaying L-plates when you’re learning to drive. L-Plates and when to use them As you probably already know, the

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12 Sep

Look out for new labels at fuel pumps

If you’ve filled up your car since the start of this month, you might have spotted that there have been some changes to the way petrol and diesel are labelled. The fuel itself hasn’t changed, but the way it’s described has. While you’ll probably still see the terms “petrol” and “diesel” in use on the

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