Car security top tips for darker nights

Protecting your vehicle from theft should still be a priority for us all, despite us being at home more during this time. But there’s things you can do to reduce the risk such as protecting your key fob – keep your fob away from any doors and away from where the vehicle is kept. You can buy a key fob protector online.

In the winter months, it might be tempting to run your car in the mornings to defrost, but you shouldn’t leave your car unattended.

Don’t advertise your belongings – make sure you clear out your car each time you get home.

Double checking you’ve locked your car when you park up. Whether you’re at home, stopped at a service station or parked at the supermarket, if you normally lock your car with a fob, double check your door handles. Would be thieves have been known to block the locking signal on cars as owners walk away from their vehicle, leaving it open for a quick snatch of a laptop out of the boot of your car.

Added security at home – if you’ve not got adequate lighting, this is an ideal situation for an opportunist. It’s worth considering extra security lights that overlook your driveway or vehicle. Also think about purchasing security cameras or doorbells as extra protection and deterrent.