Campervan Safety Tips

Whether you are living in a campervan or travelling in it you are still at risk of being target of thieves or potential safety hazards so it’s good to minimise risk where possible. So here are just a few things you can do to make you feel more safe and secure whilst travelling in your campervan:

Install a GPS tracker

If you install a tracker and your campervan unfortunately gets stolen you’ll be able to track it’s location remotely through your computer or phone. Trackers are small devices that have a built in GPS satellite receiver and communicate to you via mobile network so they’ll need a registered sim card to work. They can alert you via a text message when any doors have been opened on the campervan or if the engine has been started.

Improve existing locks

Standard locks, especially on older vans, are easily broken. Upgrade your locks with a van lock plate to improve the locking system. Alternatively you could install a deadlock.

Secret hiding spots

When people have their vans broken into it’s nearly always because they have left something valuable in sight. So minimise what people can see from the outside. Even signs of phone chargers, phone cables or gps holder can help a theif choose what vehicle to break into. Most theives breaking into a van will look in the obvious places and then make a run for it with what they can. So it’s good to have random hiding spots for valuables. You could even combine hiding spots with a safe.

Have a photo of your key

If you ever lose your van key one handy tip is to take a photo of your key with your phone. A locksmith should be able to make you a new key from a clear photograph.

Fire extinguisher and blanket

Essential for campervans especially if your van has a lot of wood. Don’t get anything smaller than a 1kg fire extinguisher and make sure your fire blanket is easily accessible around your cooker.

Carbon monoxide alarm

As well as a smoke alarm a carbon monoxide alarm is another essential for your van. Carbon monoxdide is odorless, teasteless and colourless so cannot be detected by humans. If you get a detector with a digital readout you can see if the value starts to creep up.

Be fully insured

Finally, make sure you are fully insured for your campervan or motorhome. If you would like more information about the right cover for your van please speak to our experts at A-Plan.

Top tips are excerpts from How to Live In a Van and Travel by Mike Hudson