Calling all Carers: Carers Insurance and Discount Clubs

This week, we’re supporting those who care for others!

Carers Insurance - A-Plan Insurance

We answer the question of what insurance a carer needs so that you can ensure you are fully protected. PLUS find out about a great discount club for carers, which can save you money on your weekly shop!

What is carers insurance and do I need it?

If you work in care, your job isn’t without its risks. As with any job, mistakes can be made and injuries can occur. It’s essential to have the right insurance in place to protect you from any accidents, injuries to yourself or others, or any other claims which could impact your career and income.

Carers Public Liability insurance

We understand that your role comes with a lot of responsibility. The most important insurance to take out if you’re working as a self-employed carer is Public Liability insurance, sometimes referred to as ‘self-employed carer insurance‘.

While you may not experience any issues, and are always careful in everything you do, just one negative experience could potentially put you at risk.

A claim could be brought against you for mistakes, accidents, injuries or even alleged abuse by person you’re caring for. One example might be that you accidentally administer an incorrect dose of medicine. Or the person you’re caring for has a fall while you’re or helping them out of the bath.

Accidents can and do happen, however we want to ensure that you aren’t held liable for them, and this is why we always recommend Public Liability to our carer clients.

It’s there to help you cover the cost of legal representation and compensation costs, which could range from a few thousand pounds to millions, if you’re found to have been to blame for something that’s happened. You can include cover for things like working at night, administering medicine, personal care, accidental damage to property and any other tasks or situations you might face in your work as a carer.

Personal Injury insurance for carers

If there’s a risk you could be injured yourself – for example if you severely cut yourself while you’re preparing food for the person you’re caring for, or they fall on you while you’re helping them move around and you injure your back or knee – you might want to add Personal Injury cover.

Person Injury insurance, also known as Personal Accident insurance can protect your income particularly if you are self-employed. To ensure you get the right level of cover for your needs, your broker can offer you independent advice.

Carers indemnity insurance

We know that nobody sets out to act negligently, particularly when it comes to carers who are entrusted with the health and happiness of others. However, even the smallest error can end up in the courts, with the plaintiff seeking damages.

As with other kinds of business, Professional Indemnity insurance is worth looking into if you’re going to be giving advice or providing any kind of service in which you could potentially make mistakes that result in loss or damage to your clients.

Car insurance for carers

If you use your vehicle for work of any kind, you will need to discuss this with your provider or broker. Most of the time, your standard policy will suffice, however, you will need to add personal business use which may increase your premium.

Brokers ascertain the best policy to suit your needs depending whether your vehicle has been adapted or modified to suit the individuals you are caring for, and whether you are paid for the journey as if you were a taxi, which could also affect your policy.

The best thing to do if you are seeking car insurance for carers is to get in touch with your local branch who can talk you through the finer points to find you the right policy.

We pride ourselves on caring about carers, with some excellent policy enhancements designed to keep you on the road, and looking after those who can’t look after themselves. Our comprehensive cover meets CQC standards, and that’s reflected in the great feedback we receive.

If you would like to speak to one of our specialist, call or pop into your local business branch. You can find yours here.

Discounts for carers

As part of our ongoing ‘inflation busters’ series, we have reviewed a number of discount clubs that could save you money on your supermarket shop, mobile phone, cinema trips and so much more. If you are a carer, you’ll be pleased to know that your services are recognised and rewarded by a particular discount club:

With a motto of “Helping those who help others by making their lives easier and making their money go further”, offers a number of savings solutions worth considering if you are a professional or at-home carer, whether still active, or retired.

The first option to highlight is their generous cashback card scheme, called ‘Ode’, which helps carers earn as they spend online and in-store, and comes recommended by Money Saving Expert.

Carers Insurance - A-Plan Insurance

Unlike many cashback schemes, the qualifying retailers are your regular supermarkets and chemists, including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Argos, Clarks, Wilko, B&Q and Boots to name a few. You could view the full list here.

Whether you use Ode to buy your weekly shop at your favourite supermarket, the odd DIY item, or a little bit of luxury, you could be earning up to 12% cashback every time you spend!

If you don’t want to use the cashback card, you can register with the club and still have access to some great discounts. The site offers great deals on holidays from Haven to Thomas Cook, with up to £300 discounted for carers, plus discounted insurances with only the most reputable brands, mobile phone deals from Samsung to iPhone, up to 50% off fashion and so much more!

There is also a section called ‘local discounts’ which lists discounts and deals in your area, from health and fitness to toys and skincare!

If you have found this information useful, please do share it with other carers that you work with.