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Best travel apps for your 2019 holiday

The summer holiday season is nearly upon us, so today we’re sharing some of our favourite travel apps to help make your time abroad a little easier. Here are seven apps we can’t live without.

1. Google Maps

Let’s start with an obvious one. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, Google Maps not only doubles up as a sat nav so that you can get from place to place with ease, but it’s also a great resource for researching what there is to see and do in the local area. You can also search restaurants and see which ones have the best reviews. You don’t even need to use data roaming – just load up the area map while you’re connected to WiFi and you can then use it offline.

2. Google Translate

Another great offering from Google, this app is a great one to have with you when you’re travelling. We Brits aren’t known for our proficiency with other languages, but with this app, you can simply hold up the camera to a menu and it will automatically translate it into English right before your eyes.

3. XE

The XE currency exchange app is indispensable if you’re in a country where figuring out the local currency isn’t a question of easy mental arithmetic. You don’t even have to be connected to the internet to use it, as it will just use the last known exchange rates.

4. WiFi Map

As the name suggests, WiFi Map is a handy app that helps you find free WiFi hotspots around you, helping you steer clear of data roaming charges when you want to use the internet abroad.

5. Monzo

This revolutionary bank account and its accompanying app are great for paying for things when you’re abroad because Monzo charges no international fees. Apply for an account in minutes and you can start using it with Apple Pay straightaway. The app keeps track of your spending so that you can easily see when you’re running low on funds, and you can then simply transfer money from another account to top it up.

6. TripAdvisor

Always a go-to app for honest reviews of restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions, TripAdvisor is useful to have with you when you’re creating your travel itinerary as you go along. Use the ‘Near Me’ feature to seek out the top-rated places to see, do and eat in the local area.

7. UVLens

A must if you’re jetting off to sunnier climes, UVLens keeps you informed about the UV levels you can expect at your destination. Not only that, but it will let you know what times of day to keep out of the sun, and it tailors its advice according to your skin type. All good to know if you’re out and about sightseeing in the sun or soaking up the rays on the beach.

Get all these apps downloaded onto your phone before you go and you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without them. And don’t forget, you’ll need to make sure you have travel insurance cover in place once you’ve booked your trip – get a quote if you haven’t got this sorted yet.