Any Driver Van Insurance

If your business requires a group of people to drive a single works van, an any driver van insurance policy is a cost effective way of insuring them. This is particularly helpful for larger businesses, when it becomes harder to list all the employees who might be required to drive the same van.

Choosing an any driver van insurance policy offers you more flexibility than just having cover for an individual driver.

Different types of any driver van insurance

If you run a business and rely on several of your employees to get to a work-site or to transport goods from place to place, you will need a van insurance policy that covers more than one driver. Similarly, if you have a private van which you want several family members to drive, you will need a policy which covers all of them.

We can tailor your any driver policy to fit your exact requirements to ensure you get the cover you need at a price that suits you. If you need to cover a young driver (under 25) or there are any other restrictions, your van insurance can be arranged accordingly.

Why choose an any driver van insurance broker?

Specialised insurance policies are hard to find online and comparing quotes takes time, effort and inevitably involves lots of form filling. In addition, premiums for any driver van insurance can be costly. A-Plan does the comparison work for you, from our wide panel of quality insurers, to find the cheapest van insurance with the best cover for you. We will ask you just one set of questions to make sure we get the right insurance for you, allowing you to get on with running your business.

Get in touch today and talk to our expert advisors to get a quote for the right any driver van insurance, at the right price.