7 million people have missed their MOT or service – have you?

Millions of people have missed their MOTs according to new research


Last year the Government extended MOT’s by six months during the first lockdown, giving many of us UK drivers some breathing space to get our vehicles booked in to the garage. Of course, many households sorned their vehicle whilst they weren’t using it. But as we’re hopefully coming out of our last lockdown, it seems many more drivers (over 7million according to an article from Heycar) could be putting off getting their vehicles MOT’d or serviced!

So here’s some key things you need to know:

  1. Your insurance will be invalid if you don’t have an up-to-date MOT
  2. You could risk a significant fine – a serious fault could result in a fine of £2,500
  3. You could be banned from driving or get points on your licence. Again, if you’re vehicle is found to have a serious fault, this could land you in hot water and facing a driving ban and 3 points.
  4. If your vehicle fails the MOT due to a serious fault, it’s illegal to drive the vehicle. The fault will need to be fixed at the garage which carried out the test or towed to another garage for repairs.
  5. If you have an accident without an MOT, your insurance won’t be valid, so you could be personally liable for any costs arising from the accident.
  6. If you don’t have an MOT or your car fails the test, this information is updated on the DVSA’s database. If your car passes a police car, their Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras will flag that you don’t have a valid MOT, so you risk being stopped and fined.
  7. If you bought a new car three years ago, your vehicle will now be due it’s first MOT.
  8. There’s a maximum cost that MOT test centres can charge – click to visit the gov.uk website to view the maximum MOT costs.

It’s easy to check when your MOT is due or whether it has run out by visiting the gov.uk website. Simply enter your vehicle registration number and confirm if the details are correct. You’ll be able to see when your tax and MOT are next due.