Monthly Archives: September 2017

28 Sep

Infographic: 6 Considerations When Choosing EL Limits

There is no substitute for speaking to an expert when determining the appropriate level of EL cover. Speak to your local commercial insurance team today for the right advice. [maxbutton id=”101″ url=”” text=”Find out more about business liability insurance” ]

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25 Sep

Don’t put that heating on yet!

The weather is definitely turning colder and temperatures dipped as low as 3 degrees last week with ground frost in places. With energy prices high, many of us are reluctant to turn on the central heating just yet! Here are 10 small adjustments that you can make in your home to keep that moment at

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cycling insurance
20 Sep

Why you may need specialist cycling insurance

One of the most common misconceptions faced by the cycling insurance business is that standard home insurance will adequately cover your bike. If something does happen to your beloved (and expensive) bike, then the last thing you want to have to deal with is a technicality on your home insurance leaving you out of pocket.

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19 Sep

How to protect your company from a cyber-breach

About 400,000 people in the UK may have had their information stolen following a cyber-breach at the credit monitoring firm Equifax. The US company said an investigation had revealed that a file containing UK consumer information “may potentially have been accessed”. The data includes names, dates of birth, email addresses and telephone numbers, but does

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classic cars
18 Sep

Classic cars – a good investment?

Classic, rare and cult vehicles have always been a popular purchase for enthusiasts and in recent years there’s been an increase in their value. Did you know? • Classic cars are not subject to any capital gains taxation • Classic cars have become the number one investment in the world • Values have increased nearly

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13 Sep

How to protect your business from flooding this winter

According to the BBC website, Aileen, the first named storm this season, brought heavy rain and high winds on Tuesday night, affecting rail services and leaving thousands without power. The Met Office said gusts of 74mph hit Mumbles Head in south Wales, with southern parts of northern England and the north Midlands also badly affected. Although predicting how

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van security
08 Sep

LCV and Van Security

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) are very different to their bigger brothers. Van security features that come as standard are more advanced than on HGVs. However, career criminals are finding more ways around van security systems and thefts of LCVs and their contents are on the rise again after reaching a 48-year low in 2014. Vehicles

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06 Sep

Protecting your commercial property from squatters

Squatting in unoccupied residential buildings in England and Wales is a criminal offence, however this does not include commercial properties. The police can only take action if squatters commit other crimes when entering or staying in a property. Crimes include: causing damage when entering the property causing damage while in the property not leaving when

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smart motorways
04 Sep

Smart motorways – what to be aware of

In the UK, smart motorways use technology to actively manage the flow of traffic. The technology is controlled from a regional traffic control centre. The control centres monitor traffic carefully and can activate and change signs and speed limits. This helps keep the traffic flowing freely. Smart motorways also increase the capacity of the road,

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