Monthly Archives: March 2016

31 Mar

Health & Safety – Testing Electrical Equipment

Electrical testing is a critical maintenance task that ensures that key equipment and systems in your business are operating efficiently year-round. Specifically, electrical testing may be carried out for several reasons, such as: • Quality assurance tests on electrical components • Diagnostic testing • Fault finding on electrical plants • Routine safety checks There are also legal requirements around

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29 Mar

Security devices for your touring caravan

Naturally you’ll want to take care of your caravan and protect it from risks like theft. In addition, most insurers will require some form of security device to be fitted to your caravan before they agree to cover it. So what’s what in the world of caravan security? We’ll run through the main security devices

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24 Mar

Spring gardening – top 10 tips

Spring is here, which means it’s time to get your garden ready! Here are our top 10 tips: 1. Check Your Supplies Before you can get your garden ready for spring, do you have the supplies you need to prepare the ground and plan? Some supplies you might find helpful to have on hand includes a

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24 Mar

2016 Budget Key Numbers and Highlights

On 16th March 2016, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his 2016 Budget to Parliament, the second as part of a full Conservative government. He characterised the measures as a budget that puts ‘the next generation first’, and took the opportunity to express his view that ‘Britain will be stronger, safer and better off’

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17 Mar

Health & Safety at Work – using DSE

Common features of many workstations are laptops, touch-screens or other similar electronic devices that are equipped with some form of a display screen. However, if your workstation is improperly organised, these devices could cause you to develop upper limb disorders as well as fatigue and eye strain. While most of these conditions are not considered

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14 Mar

Why a trailer tent rather than a caravan?

What are the advantages of owning a trailer tent rather than a caravan? Some would say it has the bad points of a caravan combined with the bad points of a tent! How do the fans of folding campers respond to this? One of the principle differences in towing a folding camper is the saving on fuel.

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07 Mar

Yeovilton Air Show Offer – Terms & Conditions

•£25 off a new car, home or van policy on production of a valid 2016 air show ticket at our A-Plan Taunton office, 1a St James St, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1JN •This offer only applies to new policies. •Only one offer per UK household, not available in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. •We

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04 Mar

Top 4 Business Challenges for 2016

UK businesses may face a slew of challenges in 2016—from compliance to political shake-ups, businesses will need to be prepared to stay successful. The following four topics are some of the biggest challenges facing businesses of all sizes this year: 1. National Living Wage (NLW): Beginning in April, workers over the age of 25 will be

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01 Mar

Permanently Siting Your Touring Caravan

There are plenty of reasons why permanently siting your touring caravan can be appealing. For one, you may have found a site which you love enough to visit every time you go away or it may be that you no longer wish to be on the road with your caravan. Either way, it’s certainly something

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