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working from home
16 Feb

Working from home and running your own business: things to consider

Starting your own business gives you plenty to think about, including where to run it from. You’ve got to find the right space, budget for rent, and maintain overheads before you can even think about the day job. It’s unsurprising, then, that more and more start-ups are looking at working from home as an alternative.

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13 Feb

Tradesman Insurance – an explanation of the cover you need

As a tradesman, you belong to a group of skilled workers such as builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers and more. Because the definition of tradesmen is so broad, it can be difficult to know what insurance you need. The following provides an overview of the 3 main types of tradesman insurance that you may need,

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car seat
13 Feb

Car Seat Law Changes on 1st March

The law on which car seat to use will change on 1st March. We take a look at the new car seat regulations and what they will mean for parents. WHAT ARE THE EXISTING RULES? Current UK law states that all children must normally use a child car seat until they’re 12 years old or

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cyber attacks
09 Feb

Cyber Attacks Affect Businesses of all Sizes

On average, UK businesses were subject to 230,000 cyber attacks in 2016, according to research provided by internet service provider, Beaming. Very few of these attacks were successful, but the sheer volume is noteworthy. In November, for the first time ever, more than 1,000 attacks per day hit individual company firewalls, contributing to an overall

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07 Feb

Meet the team – A-Plan Insurance Specialist

So first things first – introductions: I’m Kerry, I work at A-Plan in the Thatcham Specialist Branch. As a branch we wanted to be able to engage more with our clients, both new and old within the specialist market. We’re already involved in lots of events partnering with car clubs and car shows; however we

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energy costs
03 Feb

Tips for staying warm & keeping energy costs down this winter

We’re in the depths of winter – a bleak time of year when you feel like hibernating and the time of year when your energy costs are at their highest. To ensure that your savings don’t go down as you turn the heat up, follow these tips: Turn the thermostat down: According to the Energy

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02 Feb

Businesses Pay Ransomware But Don’t Get Data Back!

Within the last 24 months, 44 per cent of all UK organisations have been infected by ransomware, and 27 per cent of those were infected more than once, according to recent research published by cyber security firm, Trend Micro. Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) designed to block access to specific data, files

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speeding fines
30 Jan

Speeding fines to rise in April 2017 – what to be aware of

Speeding fines for the most serious cases in England and Wales will rise by up to 50% after a review of sentencing guidelines for magistrates’ courts. A driver caught doing 41mph in a 20mph zone, or 101mph on a motorway, could be fined 150% of their weekly income. The Sentencing Council said it wanted to

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car club
26 Jan

Car club of the month – Westfield Sports Car Club

In the first of a series we’ll be running throughout 2017, A-Plan Specialist are highlighting some of the car clubs that have been making waves in their specialist areas – kicking things off with the kit car scene A-Plan Specialist are delighted to support the Westfield Sports Car Club. The Westfield Sports Car Club has

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