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pub insurance
18 Aug

Pub insurance – what you need to know

Licensed trades like pubs and nightclubs operate within a strict regulatory environment, which can make buying insurance complex. Many insurers don’t offer pub insurance at all and others apply onerous terms and conditions. However, due to the nature of your clientele and manner of operation — long hours, late closing times, crowded premises and drunken customers

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home security summer holiday
15 Aug

Home security – don’t take chances this summer

The last thing you want to come home to after 2 weeks in the sun is a break-in, and then having to deal with the ensuing insurance claim. Here are our tips for home security to prevent this happening while you are away: 1. Tell a member of your family, local friend or trusted neighbour that

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landlords' insurance
11 Aug

Landlords’ insurance – the importance of proper cover

As a residential landlord, you have a variety of obligations. These include keeping rental properties safe and free from hazards, ensuring all supplied gas and electrical equipment is properly installed and maintained, complying with fire safety regulations, providing an Energy Performance Certificate as well as a number of financial and legal requirements such as having

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11 Aug

Olympics Competition Terms and Conditions

For the chance to win a “Picnic Celebration Hamper” from The British Hamper Company, you need to like the A-Plan Insurance Facebook page and comment on the competition post with your best guess of the final total number of medals that you think will be won by Team GB at the Rio Summer Olympics The closing

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Traffic speed camera against blue sky. 3D render.
09 Aug

How motoring convictions affect car insurance

Driving offences in the UK typically incur penalty points, which are added to the driver’s record once he or she is convicted of that offence. These act as a deterrent and, if you reach a maximum of 12 within a 3-year period, can result in a driving ban. Some more serious offences can mean an instant driving

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01 Aug

You and the Insurance Act 2015

• The Insurance Act goes into effect on 12th August 2016 and affects all commercial insurance policies governed by UK law. • The Act introduces a new ‘duty of fair presentation’, requiring insureds to capture more knowledge from more people in their organisations. Many industry insiders are hailing the Insurance Act as the most significant change to

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passport & money on the table. Need go to freedom
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01 Aug

The most popular destinations abroad for Brits

UK residents made 65.7 million visits abroad in 2015. UK residents made 9.4% more visits abroad and spent £3.5 billion (9.8%) more during these visits in 2015 than 2014, without adjusting for inflation. The number of nights spent abroad also increased, up 10.7% to 682.4 million nights. The number of visits abroad for holidays grew

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28 Jul

The Impact of Speed

If you’ve been caught speeding, fined or sent on a speed awareness course, the impact of speeding is probably fresh in your mind. How long, however, before the bad habits start creeping back in? Surely a few miles per hour over the statutory speed limit isn’t that big a deal? The truth about speed may

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Workman wearing a protective glove holding a yellow hardhat or safety helmet conceptual of a builder construction worker tradesman or manual labourer
26 Jul

Construction Site Safety Inspections

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United Kingdom. According to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in 2015-16, construction injuries accounted for over 18 per cent of all fatal injuries in the workplace and roughly 10 per cent of all reported major injuries. HSE inspectors have the right to

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shutterstock_285993770 (2)
20 Jul

Don’t “horse around” with breakdown cover

While car breakdown services offer assistance to the degree of fixing your vehicle at the roadside, they WILL NOT recover a vehicle with a horse on board. Here you’ll find some advice on what to do in the event of an emergency: 1. Prevention is better than cure – make sure you keep your vehicle well

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